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‘Graeme has impressed me with his enthusiasm for filming, his exceptional ‘eye’ for composition and commitment to extracting maximum value from each frame. He is a great troubleshooter who enjoys a challenge and is particularly adept at being resourceful with limited equipment, tight deadlines and difficult locations.’




'You were a trooper as always thanks mate, appreciate your positive attitude.'



Bordertown Films

'Really appreciated your help on the day, your flexibility and knowing when it was appropriate to finesse versus just needing to get through the challenging schedule. Thanks for being a team player, I don’t think we would have got it done otherwise.'



Executive Producer, Clockwork Films

'Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities and Graeme McMahon's talent and passion for his work is evidence of that'


Neil McGregor

Director (ADG)

'Graeme was professional, fantastic to work with and brought a wealth of experience to our team. I couldn't recommend him more!' 




‘We chose Graeme McMahon as a location cameraman on this shoot because we needed to capture the epic scale of the infrastructure and the landscapes it was moving through.   Graeme delivered on both counts - with skill, creativity and enthusiasm.’



Series Director, Outback Truckers 

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